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Worship School Story: Desi Bourne

Desi Bourne once felt like her role as a worship leader was undefined. Although she was part of a team and knew her calling was in music, she didn’t know how to communicate what she needed to feel confident in her ministry.

She sought mentorship, guidance and resources in her community in hopes she could develop practical skills and gain clarity in her work. Although there was mentorship and some reading material out there, nothing quite encouraged her like Shift115.

“I immediately connected with their vision and knew that what they were providing was perfect for me,” says Desi, a homemaker, educator, musician and mother of four boys. “I am a living testament to their ministry.”

Shift115 Worship Collective is a nonprofit ministry that helps followers center their worship and lives on Christ. Through events and gatherings, they build unity in the Church while equipping worship leaders and teams with the tools and knowledge they need to fulfill their calling. Last year, they began offering Shift115 Worship School, a nine-month process focused on spiritual formation and practical training. Desi just graduated from the program in May.

“I came out with such a richer understanding of worship and why God would want to develop this within me,” she says. “Not only did I gain a lot of head knowledge, I walked away with a lot of practical teachings that I can use while leading at different churches. I am now capable of leading a worship service from start to finish.”

The class met weekly to discuss readings on theology and the history of worship while making time to look progressively into the future of worship, too. There was time for both personal mentorship as well as musical teachings.

“We were mentored in our instruments of choice,” Desi says. She plays guitar. “We learned a lot of practical skills on technology and sound that are needed today to execute a well-planned worship service.”

The program also offered networking opportunities with the community.

“The community training events were amazing,” Desi says. “I met people from all over the region who have skills and abilities I can learn from. I now feel like I’m not alone. I have the support to do the work that God has really put a calling on me to do.”

And she has brought this newfound confidence into her home as well.

“There is now a peace and joy in our family that wasn’t quite confirmed before,” she says. “We are a busy family, but the value of ministry has really come into play and positively affected our hearts.”

She says that her boys not only have gained a better understanding of Mom’s worship ministry, they have begun to appreciate unity in the church.

“Watching me go into different churches every Sunday to lead worship has given them an understanding that we are all one body,” Desi says. “Whether I am helping to lead at one church or behind the scenes at another church the following Sunday, we are still singing the same songs and singing to the same God. This program has cultivated a firm understanding that we are one family, and that has made a huge impact on what God can do through me. It’s been wonderful.”

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