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Worship In Spirit And In Truth

We are all designed to be worshipers but some of us are called to do that publicly with the purpose of leading other believers into the presence of the Living God. But the question that must be asked, are you, am I a worship leader or a worshiper?

This is the question that God dropped into my heart today. ‘Are you a worship leader or a worshiper? What have I called you to be?’ Yes, my role in church is worship leader and yes, I do believe that God has placed me in that position, but what He has called me to be is a worshiper. I worship Him: daily, wholly, completely, and unashamedly, in spirit and in truth.

I must worship him, not so I can be more effective on Sunday mornings, but because he has called me to worship. He is Truth and he is Spirit, and he delights in my praise. This is my reason for worshiping. This is my reason for preparing for Sunday. How I worship during the week will overflow into Sunday’s worship of leading people into the very presence of God.

To worship Him in Spirit and in Truth involves allowing the Spirit room to breathe, room to move, room to flow over my head and my heart. It involves surrendering to his plans and not my own. It involves waiting and pressing into the Spirit of the Living God. Worshiping in truth involves making sure I know the Truth. The Truth as laid out in God’s word and making sure my thoughts and actions reflect that truth.

But how does my personal worship translate into the corporate leading of worship? It means I must choose songs based on the truth held within the lyrics and I must plan for time to allow the Spirit to breathe. I believe God longs for us as worshipers and as leaders to sing his Truth with all our hearts and then let his Spirit rush over us and through us and let it engulf us till all we can do, till the only possible response is worshiping in the Truth of who he is.

Who is he? He is the God of all. He is the God who holds the heavens in his palm. He is the God who breathes life into dead hearts. He is the God who calls each star by name and knows every hair upon my head. He is the God who holds me in the palm of his hand. He is the reliable one, the relentless one, the faithful one. He is the one who grants mercy and grace to undeserving sinners. He reigns. He is most worthy of praise and we, no I, would do well to center my very life, my very breath proclaiming his praise privately and corporately.

So as we plan for Sunday, let us remember to worship Him. Just love on him. Yes, Sunday needs preparation, but as we worship, Sunday will be an overflow of our experiences with him during the week. “God is Spirit and those who worship him must worship in Spirit and in truth.” John 4:24

\written by \’shift\115 guest contributor Jessica Van Roekel\

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