Shift115's Worship School aims to provide a well-rounded process for those involved or interested in leading worship. Our goal is to examine and strengthen our HEART through prayer, worship, and spiritual formation, sharpen our HEAD in biblical and technical teaching, and equip our HANDS with practical training and application. We cover foundations that are great for beginners as well as continued formation for those who have been serving in worship leadership. There is no specific education requirements, however you must have some experience in music and worship ministry.

schedule & format

Our current Worship School process is 9-months and involves weekly group gatherings as well as monthly one-on-one mentorship meetings. The weekly gatherings include prayer, worship, and teaching, with occasional guest teachers. The curriculum is formed around Cultivating Authentic Worship with topics such as identity, humility, spiritual formation & leadership, biblical foundations & expressions, vocal exercise and technique, music theory, audiovisual technology, curating worship, team dynamics, confidence and competence, ancient-future worship, planning and administration, songwriting, and more. We currently are able to accept a maximum of 12 participants. Students under 18 will be considered, please contact us for more info.


Students who complete the 9-month Worship School process will receive a non-degree certificate in worship leadership. This certificate is in partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary. You do not need to be a seminary student to do the Worship School, but you may apply this process toward a degree program at Sioux Falls Seminary.


Tuition is $200 per month and does not include books and optional add-ons; resources and lessons. We encourage students to work with their church to help pay for tuition costs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!