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Reading: It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

I’m pretty sure there’s not a shortage of talented musicians in the church. Some churches have an abundance while others may be left high and dry, but in general there are plenty of skilled and passionate musicians in our churches. As I’ve heard from pastors and other church leaders in the area, especially those who are looking for someone to help lead worship, many of them have people in their churches who can play or sing well, but they are looking for someone with a calling and passion to lead others in worship. This topic is an entire article or book of its own, but the point is that a “good musician” isn’t the same thing as a “good worship leader”! This isn’t something to take lightly, as if it’s just a job or something we might happen to be good at.

As pastors, leaders, shepherds, curators, facilitators, and organizers of corporate worship, we must take seriously the call and press deep into the heart of Jesus. A book I read a few years ago and am currently re-reading has been very helpful in getting over myself and seeing the ministry he’s called me to as a very personal matter. Bob Sorge’s It’s Not Business, It’s Personal is a short read (87 pages) that I would recommend to anyone involved in ministry (all Christians!) and especially for my friends involved in worship leadership. Here’s the quote from the front of the book:

Jesus died for a Bride, not an enterprise. The work of the ministry is deeply personal to Him, and He wants it to be equally personal for us.

Friends, it’s only about us insofar as it is all about Jesus! I’m so thankful for you and the work He has called you to. May we press into the deeper rhythms that He calls us to and be fully devoted to Christ in all we say and do!

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