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Lay It All Down

I was reading this morning in Proverbs and James, and I also started the book Radical by David Platt. As I read in Scripture about God’s plans for us and how our desires get in the way, and as I read David Platt’s perspective on the way we worship in America compared to his experiences with underground meetings in other parts of the world, I was reminded about how much we get in the way and make worshiping God about us. That really doesn’t even make sense, right? We’re not worshiping God if it’s about us.

I started thinking about the risks, sacrifices, and offering we bring to the Lord in worship. It doesn’t seem like the stakes are very high when we come to worship together in America. We don’t have a security officer by the door watching out for us while we worship. We don’t even have to worship privately or secretly. Sure, there are lots of politics in America that make people uptight at times regarding worship in public places. But we don’t have to walk or bike several hours just to meet with brothers and sisters in Christ to worship together; to share concerns and cry out to God together; to celebrate what God is doing together; to praise the name of Jesus together. So, have we become totally complacent in our freedom and liberty that we have in America that we’ve gotten in the way of actually worshiping God?

Below is a reflection of how we make ourselves the center:

I can hear you all saying my name.
Talking about me and the way I look.
I know you’re talking about how cool I am,
or really how pathetic and alone I really am.
I can hear you whispering my name.
I want to hear what you’re saying about me.

But when I take a step back,
I see it’s really not about me.
I just want you to be talking about me
Me, so worried about what other people think.
So what will it take to get beyond myself?
How do I get to a place where people aren’t always talking about me?
Where do I get a cross like that one
to take away my self-righteous naivety?
I lay it all down, may your love overcome, Jesus.

Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.”

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    Amy Odland says

    We HAVE become complacent and indifferent in worship in America. And sometimes, as a worship leader, I can feel that ‘holy anger’ rise up in me…like when Jesus was turning over tables in the temple…and I find myself wanting to just start shouting at the people in the middle of a service: “Can’t you see? Don’t you know this is wrong, to be this indifferent to God? Wake up!! Rise up!! God is going to be indifferent to us all, and to YOU!”

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