"Shift" simply means to move or change. "115" comes from Psalm 115:1, "Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness." In a culture that is permeated with self-centeredness, we desire to raise up worshipers of Christ, to create opportunities to shift in worship - in life - to a place where it's not about us, to a place where we are centered in Christ.

"The mission of Shift115 Worship Collective is to build unity in the Church through Christ-centered worship."

Through a variety of events and gatherings, as well as working with leaders, teams, and churches individually, we have a threefold approach to our mission: to examine and strengthen our HEART through prayer, worship, and spiritual formation, sharpen our HEAD through biblical and technical teaching, and equip our HANDS through practical training and application.

We offer personalized mentorship opportunities as well as specific classes, groups, and a worship school which all include a mentorship component.

Shift115 Worship Collective is a 501c3 non-profit ministry founded  in 2011. We hope more and more worshipers will connect with this vision and partner with us in the ongoing effort of building unity in the Church and raising up worshipers of Christ.

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Seth Dekkenga

Mentoring is foundational to the ministry of shift115. God started to stir this vision in my heart in 2008, and a big part of that was through realizing that I didn’t have a consistent mentoring relationship, particularly in worship leadership. I love having my family involved in this ministry. My wife, Rebekah, and I live […]

Rebekah Dekkenga

Rebekah lives in Sioux Falls with her husband, Seth, and two sons, Jude (5) and Levi (3). A graduate of University of Sioux Falls (BA in Music) and University of South Dakota (MA in Music, Piano Performance), Rebekah has been involved in worship ministry and teaching piano for over fifteen years.

Susan Reese

Susan is the Professor of Spiritual Formation at Sioux Falls Seminary. Susan brings a passion for mentoring and education that contributes deeply to our foundations of mentoring and spiritual leadership.

Matt Morrison

Matt has 20 years of experience in vocational ministry in worship, care, discipleship, and pastoral ministries and currently serves as Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Care at Asbury UMC in Sioux Falls. Matt is also 1/2 of multi-instrumental duo Two White Squares with his wife Amy and plays bass and provides backing vocals for worship […]

Benjamin Arnold

Benjamin has a passion for business with product and marketing leadership experience across several industries, a heart for Christ-centered and purposeful personal and professional mentoring, and 25+ years of worship team experience playing bass. From these contexts, Benjamin will be investing in helping guide the operational aspects of our mission.

Luke Lynass

Luke is the Worship Pastor at Arise Church and Co-Owner of Crossfit Phos in Sioux Falls. He is passionate about songwriting and mentoring others in worship ministry.

Alicia Peterson

Alicia Peterson is an Educational Assistant at Cleveland Elementary and has a heart for missions, mentoring, and leading worship.

Jung Um

Jung is a worship leader, currently serving at Global Presence Ministries in Madison, WI. Jung is passionate about teaching, preaching and leading worship. He currently lives in Madison with his wife, Andrea.

Todd Boote

Todd currently mentors and helps with operations for Primary, a discipleship ministry in Sioux Falls. He is the bookkeeper for Shift115 and serves as a consultant with his passion for business and organization.