Worship Collective Networkshop

Event details

  • April 7, 2018
  • 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sioux Falls Seminary 2100 S Summit Ave
  • 6056109147

Shift115 Worship Collective's mission is to build unity in the Church through Christ-centered worship. Through our Worship School and equipping events like this, we desire to examine and strengthen our HEART through prayer, worship, and spiritual formation, sharpen our HEAD in biblical and technical teaching, and equip our HANDS with practical training and application.

Our Networkshops feature worship leaders, pastors, and teachers from the area who are passionate and skilled at what they do. Each Networkshop includes large group worship and teaching as well as several breakout session options.

Our general session speaker is Dennis Thum, Dean of Chapel at University of Sioux Falls. Our large group worship times will be led by Nick Engbers from Ransom Church.

At our Spring 2018 Networkshop, we will feature two breakout session tracks with multiple session options at each. There's no registration option for specific breakout options. You will choose your breakouts at the event. If any changes or additional information is made before the event, it will be posted here and emailed to registrants.


CLICK & TRACKS (HARDWARE & BASICS) w/ Davy Stiles: In this session we will be exploring the very basics of running click and tracks. Covering topics ranging from hardware required for operation, set up, and options for triggering. We'll also go over multitracks.com and how to purchase a basic track.

LITURGY FOR TODAY w/ Ryan Egan: Liturgy is making a comeback. Or has it ever left? You might be surprised just how liturgical many churches are without even knowing it. Demystify the term, learn how to apply liturgical practices into your service while still maintaining either a traditional or a modern style, and see and hear current examples of liturgical trends in modern worship.

USING THEORY BASICS IN WORSHIP MUSIC PLANNING w/ Justin Whitcomb: If you’re scared, confused, or lost when it comes to music theory, this session is designed to get you up to speed with chord theory, transposition, and basic analysis concepts. Learn how to see music differently and revolutionize your playing through theory!


A LEGACY OF WORSHIP w/ Melissa Breems: What does it look like to build a legacy of worship? It looks like fathers and mothers raising up their spiritual kids to be fathers and mothers. It’s time to create generational momentum in the worship movement through the context of family. In this session, we’ll look at the characteristics of mature kingdom leaders and learn how to build a legacy of worship!

CLICK & TRACKS (SOFTWARE & SETUP) w/ Davy Stiles: In this session we will dive into the click and track capabilities of a program called Ableton Live. We'll cover the differences between session view and arrangement view, basic warping, and key-mapping. We'll also look closer at multitracks.com and how to set up and bounce a multi-stem track.

LEADING FROM THE DRUMS w/ Matthew Manes: This session will discuss the role of a drummer and how to be part of the team; how to help lead a worship service from behind the drumset. Some areas we’ll look at include time, fills, overplaying, band leading, and how not to lead.

Registration includes all sessions, a light brunch and beverages.